Friday, 29 July 2011

Housework shmousework.

Got up early this morning so I could go and occupy a child whilst her parents were moving house. I met her mother through Gloucestershire Slingmeet. It was really fun and E especially loved the bike!

To avoid going home and doing my housework I stopped off in town. Found some really cute clothes in the secondhand baby shop for M and E and managed to score myself some brand new Vans in Oxfam for £3.

I always love going to the fuit and veg shop because it is ridiculously cheap. Right at the back of the shop they have a bargain box, it never fails me! Today I picked up a huge bag of bananas for 60p, a big bag of courgettes for 50p and some gorgeous looking tomatoes for 30p.

Got home, E was fast asleep so I had some time to put the shopping away and do a little housework. The bananas were a good excuse to use my beautiful new cake stand.

Managed to check out the garden too. Tomatoes are coming along very nicely, the blackberries are just begging to be made into a crumble and we're getting a second run of raspberries. What more could a gal ask for?

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